Life gets messy inside your car.

Hard as you may try not to spill, drop, or bring anything stinky into your vehicle, stuff just happens! You slam on the brakes for a rude driver and your cheeseburger and french fries, resting carefully on the passenger-side seat, suddenly goes plop. You reach for a sip of cola and the plastic top pops off, sending sticky soda all over the console and cup holder. The bottom of the grocery bag tears open and a bottle of grape juice spills all over the carpet. Then there are kids and pets who bring their own unique accidents to the scene.

Most stains are not only unsightly, but they leave behind bacteria that spreads and causes stale, even disgusting odors that linger inside your vehicle, especially if it is closed up in a hot and humid environment all day and night.

It is impossible to dry vacuum all the residual bacteria left behind after an accident. To make matters worse, on more putrid accidents like urine, vomit, or spilled milk, car owners will make the situation worse by rushing to the cabinet for some soap, water, and a sponge to try and clean it up themselves. Unfortunately, this Do-it-Yourself approach always makes it worse.

The only way to completely remove a stain and the odors that emanate from them, is to remove the residuals along with the moisture using powerful suction and the proper products and techniques.
Clean steam and green chemicals get the stains out.
Howards uses European Steam Clean technology to clean, remove, and refresh your carpets and upholstery. Using hot vapor and bacteria-killing, green chemicals, we remove the stain, all of the water and moisture that causes odors to spread, and refreshes your fabrics, carpets, hard plastics, vinyl, and even leather.

Accidents and messes are not just unique to people. Underneath your windshield lies the ventilation system to your vehicle. If the area around your windshield gets clogged with leaves, pine cones and straw, dirt, grass, sticks and other debris, it becomes a breeding ground for pollen, dust, and allergens that blow right into your vehicle when running your air conditioning or heating system. If you are experiencing overactive sinus problems, sneezing, and headaches while driving or riding, chances are your HVAC vents are carriers of these irritants. European Steam Clean technology gets into those vents to steam away any particles that may be causing problems.

Underneath and between the seats, around seat belt holders, and inside door and seat pockets, European Steam Clean technology leaves your vehicle fresh and clean, even in the interior hinterlands, niches and crannies.